S3F8S45XZZ 三星/IXYS单片机








Zilog’s S3F8 Series of 8-bit single-chip microcontrollers offers a fast and efficient CPU, a wide range of integrated peripherals, and multiple Flash memory sizes. Important CPU features include: 

• Efficient register-oriented architecture 

• Selectable CPU clock sources 

• Idle and Stop power-down mode release by interrupts 

• Built-in basic timer with watchdog function 

A sophisticated interrupt structure recognizes up to eight interrupt levels. Each level can have one or more interrupt sources and vectors. Fast interrupt processing (within a minimum of four CPU clocks) can be assigned to specific interrupt levels.

S3F8S45 Microcontroller

The S3F8S45 MCU features 16 KB of Flash ROM. Using a proven modular design approach, the S3F8S45 MCU was developed by integrating the following peripheral modules with the SAM88 core:

• Five programmable I/O ports, including three 8-bit ports and two 7-bit ports for a total of 38 pins 

• Eight bit-programmable pins for external interrupts 

• One 8-bit basic timer for oscillation stabilization and watchdog functions (system reset) 

• Three 8-bit timer/counters and two 16-bit timer/counters with selectable operating modes 

• Watch timer for real time 

• LCD controller/driver 

• A/D converter with 9 selectable input pins 

• Synchronous SIO modules 

• Two asynchronous UART modules 

• Pattern generation module 

• Battery level detector

The S3F8S45 MCU is currently available in 44-pin QFP, 42-pin SDIP, and 32-pin SDIP packages.




  • Package - 32-pin SDIP

  • Interrupts - 22

  • Timers - BT, WDT, WT, (3) 8-Bit, (2) 16-Bit

  • Speed (MHz) - 12

  • Operating Voltage - 1.8V - 5.5V

  • Other Features - LVR, IVC, PGM

  • RAM (bytes) - 550

  • Program Memory - 16 KB Flash

  • ADC - 10 bits x 4 channels

  • GPIO - 26

  • LCD Driver - 4 common x 12 segments

  • SIO - UART x 2