S3F84B8XZZ-DK98 三星/IXYS单片机









Zilog's SAM8RC family of 8-bit single-chip CMOS microcontrollers offer a fast and efficient CPU, a wide range of integrated peripherals, and various mask-programmable ROM sizes. Owing to its address/data bus architecture and a large number of bit-configurable I/O ports, these microcontrollers provide a flexible programming environment for applications with varied memory and I/O requirements. To support real-time operations, timer/counters with selectable operating modes are included. 


The S3F84B8 single-chip CMOS microcontrollers are designed using a highly advanced CMOS process technology based on Zilog’s latest CPU architecture. 

S3F84B8 specifies a microcontroller with built-in 8K-byte full-flash ROM. 

Using a proven modular design approach, Zilog S3F84B8 integrates the following peripheral modules with a powerful SAM8 RC core: 

 3 configurable I/O ports (18 pins) 

 17 interrupt sources with 

17 vectors and 6 interrupt levels 

 1 watchdog timer function (Basic Timer) 

 1 basic timer (8-bit) for oscillation stabilization 

 3 timer/counters (8-bit) with Time Interval, PWM, and Capture modes (Timer C and Timer D can be used for 16-bit Timer 0) 

 1 timer/counter (16-bit) with 2 operating modes: Interval timer mode and PWM mode (If Timer C and Timer D are used for Timer 0, S3F84B8 has 

1 Timer0 (16-bit))  Analog to digital converter with 8 input channels and 10-bit resolution 

1 BUZ for programmable frequency output High current LED drive I/O ports (High current output: Typical 12 mA) The S3F84B8 microcontroller is ideal for use in a wide range of home applications requiring simple timer/counter, ADC, and so on. They are currently available in 20-pin SOP/DIP package.




  • Package - 20-Pin DIP

  • I/O - 18

  • Interrupts - 17

  • Timers - BT, (1) 8-Bit, (1) 16-Bit

  • Speed (MHz) - 10

  • Operating Voltage - 1.8V - 5.5V

  • Other Features - Comparator, Op Amp, LVR, Internal RC Oscillator, External RC Oscillator

  • RAM (bytes) - 272

  • Program Memory - 8 KB Flash

  • 10-Bit A/D - 8